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Dear Kathy Smith

By Gwen On January 23, 2021
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Dear Kathy Smith,

Over the last thirty years you have helped me stay fit. Your programs have been helpful in encouraging me to stay active and maintain a healthy muscle to body weight ratio. As I age I see my peers grow sedentary and the loss of muscle mass and increase in body fat has already begun to take its toll on some.

I began using your advice after the birth of our first toward the end of the eighties. Nobody had told me how exerting carrying a child to term was.

Had I been allowed, I would have begun exercising then, during my pregnancy, though due to the express warning of my gynecologist I did not¹. Instead I began three weeks after giving birth. The added energy I got helped ease me into my new role as a mother.

Your programs have help motivate me when I felt less than thrilled to exercise. This has been important as I have been chronically adverse to extensive exercise routines. That is why my gym membership (a gift from my sister) went unused for the majority of the year.

So with that I would simply like to say: Thank you!

All the best,


¹ As an aside, we now know something much different. My gynecologist was so against it the topic almost angered him, he believed that any form of exercise would run the risk of doing more damage than good. Now we know that exercise during pregnancy not only benefits the mother, but the increased blood oxygen flow to the fetus helps it develop faster and plays a beneficial part in early brain development after birth. A few years after I found Kathy she released one specifically for pregnancy workouts.

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