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Is It That Time of the Year Again?

By Gwen On December 30, 2020
1 minutes

What time?

New Years.

Seriously, the holiday season went way to fast this year. My kids have all gone back home with their families, the house is still, and it will become even quieter when my husband goes ice fishing with his best friend next week (they have have known one another since they were children and the yearly ice fishing trip has been part of the program for close to fifty years, corona won’t change their plans).

Have you gone ice fishing?

This is a question that tends to come up when I tell people my husband is an avid ice fisher. The answer is simple, I love winter, snow, and the cold. But sitting on ice is not my cup of tea. We tried to go together my husband and I along with my husband’s friend and wife but somethings are better done in the summer. Fishing is one of them.

About Gwen

Gwen is a long time resident of of Nevada, moving here from Milwaukee when she was only three years old. This life long relationship to the Silver State has taught her that there is only one thing you need in life to make you happy, that is, the sun breaking over the mountains at dawn.

She was raised Lutheran.