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Merry Christmas

By Gwen On December 26, 2020
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Merry Christmas everybody!

Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas (especially those of you I haven’t seen yet) and I will go ahead and wish you a Happy New Year as well. The family is all warm in their beds and I thought I would take the time for a big mug of tea and enjoy the peace and stillness in the house. Not the stillness of an empty house, that is sometimes too muh to bare, but the peace that comes from being around your loved ones. These moments are fealting, and have become rare in the last years.

My youngest moved away for college in 2008 and our dog passed away in 2013 so besides my husband our home (once a madhouse where one could barely think) has become quieter. Though our grandchildren do bring some life to it on their visits.

Wow, this post got sentimental. I had better stop before it gets any worse.

Stay happy and healthy! Enjoy the time with your families!

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Gwen is a long time resident of of Nevada, moving here from Milwaukee when she was only three years old. This life long relationship to the Silver State has taught her that there is only one thing you need in life to make you happy, that is, the sun breaking over the mountains at dawn.

She was raised Lutheran.