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The Weather Outside

By Gwen On December 22, 2020
1 minutes

… Is Delightful!

Actually, the weather is getting closer to what I expect for my Christmas winter wonderland. Just a few flakes so far this morning, but if it lives up to the forecast we will have some snow over the next few days.

I would really like that. Last year we had a little bit of old patchy snow on the lawn. Better than nothing, true, but I am hoping for a little more this year. My husband is dreading the sidewalk and driveway though.

Let it snow!

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Gwen is a long time resident of of Nevada, moving here from Milwaukee when she was only three years old. This life long relationship to the Silver State has taught her that there is only one thing you need in life to make you happy, that is, the sun breaking over the mountains at dawn.

She was raised Lutheran.