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Time to Live Up to My Name

By Gwen On December 21, 2020
2 minutes

Christmas is just around the corner. The house is full of the scent of baking cookies, which I might add are being gobbled up before they even have a chance to cool, and I am really just in Christmas fever (or is that joy?). As for the cookies, maybe I should bake more frequently? I am sure if my grandkids has a chance to vote they’d say yes. :)

Really, this is my favorite time of the year, the weather is cozy, the family is close, and everybody just seems to be happy.

Some forty odd years ago when our first was born, things were a little different. We had just gotten married the year before. We bought a house in the mean time and we were getting settled. That was one of the only years I am remember we didn’t get a tree. My husband made it up to me though. When spring came he went out and planted a pine tree in the back yard, which is still standing by the way. You can see it on the side of my site. I took that picture during a snow storm in ‘04 or ‘05 it was around New Year’s day so I can’t really say anymore. That is the thing about getting old. You have so many days to remember and it is just hard sometimes.

Today is a good day for us and I hope it is for you as well. Stay happy, healthy, and safe!

About Gwen

Gwen is a long time resident of of Nevada, moving here from Milwaukee when she was only three years old. This life long relationship to the Silver State has taught her that there is only one thing you need in life to make you happy, that is, the sun breaking over the mountains at dawn.

She was raised Lutheran.